How to control binge eating?

Food tracking, journaling, mindfulness training, and meditation will help!

I grew up binge eating and still struggle with it to this day.

“NO!,” I can hear you shouting, “not you. You are so damn balanced and healthy.”

All I can say is, give me some real stress (like parents dying and then a crushed toe – my 2013) and all I want to do is drown my sorrows in vats of fried rice, good double-fried frites, bagels and cream cheese, and Magnolia’s chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream.

(This is what led to my current need to lose a few pounds, now that things are calmer and I am a little more in control.) But I digress….

My mother was bipolar, and things were often out of control in my house. I grew up eating for comfort, ending up at Weight Watchers at age 11. I learned well. There was very little that I could control, and one of those things was food. So in high school I starved. I just didn’t eat, and when I did I allotted myself 600 calories a day. I was very thin.

Then came college, where my anorexic self met my bulimic roommate, who is still a friend today. We would go crazy some nights, alternating sweet and salty snacks for hours. At first we both gained weight. Later, when I was the only one keeping the food down, I gained more. That’s when I knew she was in trouble.

In my senior year I discovered exercise, which basically allowed me to eat whatever I wanted. This lasted until my hysterectomy and hormonal insanity when I was 30. Now, at 47, I have to really watch what I eat and how much I eat.

Leora Fulvio, author of Reclaiming Yourself from Binge Eating: A Step-By-Step Guide to Healing, has a similar story. She was also sent to WW at age 11! And she was able to control her own binge eating through a process of self-understanding and practical corrections. Meditation, mindfulness, and journaling helped, as did making herself eat regular meals and make better food choices.

Fulvio, who sent me a copy of her book and her Control Binge Eating hypnotherapy audio, is now a therapist who specializes in binge eating, and in this book she outlines, in a very clear and practical manner, the steps we need to take to control our binge eating. Identifying triggers is a huge thing and recognizing them allows me to go in forearmed.

Reclaiming Yourself from Binge Eating: A Step-By-Step Guide to Healing, contains 34 chapters that address everything from dealing with uncomfortable feelings to gaining self esteem and looking at your family dynamics.

To support her patients and readers, Fulvio also sells hypnotherapy audios, and the Binge Eating audio that she shared with me is very useful. Her voice is very soothing, and her words make it possible for me to stop a binge before it happens most of the time. This is a tool that can help you with mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation – all of which promote a healthy relationship with our bodies and food.

If you struggle with binge eating, or any disordered relationship with your body and food, please give this book a read. Follow the steps and it will help. Really!

5/5 stars


Review: Fresh Tips

July 21, 2014 — Leave a comment

A review of Fresh Tips portable mouth freshener.

5/5 Stars

Fresh Tips are a convenient, easy to carry and use way to keep your teeth clean and mouth fresh when brushing isn’t an option.

I have always had an issue with my breath, since I like to drink coffee and eat spiced foods in a job where I am breathing near my clients for the better part of an hour.

While I am always good about brushing morning and night, I am not so good about remembering to do it during the day. I could chew gum, but that is kind of gross when you are talking and working with clients.

A few months ago I received an email from the folks at Fresh Tips, asking if I would review their products. And while I typically do not do many free-for-product reviews anymore, I saw this as a good opportunity.

I’m glad I said yes! Here is what Fresh Tips look like:

fresh tips

Basically, it is a small disposable toothbrush head that sits on a lollypop stick, with a small xylitol-sweetened candy just under the brush. So as you “brush” your teeth and gums with the brush, you get a light peppermint or bubblegum flavor (so kids like it).

In the adult version above, the stick ends in a usable toothpick. The kids version has no sharp objects.

Dr. Deborah Luis (aka Dr. Debbie) is a dentist and a mom who was looking for a way to keep her and her kid’s teeth fresh when out and about. She launched Fresh Tips with her husband, Rene Luis, in 2012.

Here is her story:

I found Fresh Tips easy to use, even on the NYC subway, and effective for a quick clean. Better than masking with gum or mints.

And if you have a small business or dental practice, they can personalize your Fresh Tips packaging with your business logo and information.


Back Pain Exercise – sometimes you need to rethink what you are doing.

When getting involved in any kind of exercise we should always consider our individual ability and health. While it can be great to push your fitness to the limit when you are healthy and not in pain, sometimes this can be dangerous for your body – especially important areas such as your back.

The infographic below shows you some ways to rethink your workout if you have problems with your back. This is based on information from the specialists at Black Swan Osteopathy, who sponsored this post.

As always, If you are unsure of anything else or have suffered severe pain during exercise you should always see your GP or Osteopath.

Back Pain Exercise

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SinuOrega Nasal Spray works extremely well, if you can handle it.

3/5 stars

Ever since we moved back to NYC I have struggled with my sinuses. After having only one sinus infection in six years while living in the Caribbean, I have had at least four in the past few years.

My physician prescribed generic Flonase, but now that Nasacort is over the counter, United Healthcare has informed me that they are upping my co-pay to $30 from $10 (for the exact same generic drug). Because the people who receive over $300 per week out of my pre-tax income would rather not pay for anything.

So I have become a huge fan of saline nasal sprays, with Ocean being my favorite.

Back in April, at the start of spring allergy season, I received an email from Naturally Savvy offering me a chance to sample and review North American Herb and Spice’s SinuOrega.

I received a full size (2 oz.) nasal spray and a general spray, suitable for odor elimination and cleaning.

sinuoregaBasically, you are inhaling the emulsified oils of wild oregano (here as NAHS’s Oregano p73), bay leaf, sage, and clove in a sea salt (saline) base. Oregano is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, so it actually clears out your sinuses on many levels.

If only I could handle the burn and the smell/taste!

NAHS warns on the package that there can be some mild burning sensations just after spraying, but for me the burning wasn’t minor and lasted for a bit. And then there was the intense oregano and clove taste in the back of my throat. Worse than the odd rosewater aftertaste of Flonase.

I – just – can’t!

Now, I can handle the smell when it’s not in my own body, so the cleaning spray is fabulous for me.

And look, North American Herb and Spice’s SinuOrega has 4.5 stars on Amazon, so clearly it works well for most people. The few negative reviews focus on the inability to handle the burn and smell, not the efficacy of the nasal spray.

My sinuses felt great on the days that I used the spray, but not great enough to withstand the burn.

Have you tried a natural nasal spray? Has it worked?