Review: Robert Brace’s D28 for Life

Review: Robert Brace’s D28 for Life
A couple of years ago I reviewed my friend Robert Brace’s workout and weight loss program, 28 Day Challenge. The program was great then, and the expanded and revamped 2015 version, D28 for Life, is even better.

Note that I received this program free via Fitfluential and Robert Brace for my unbiased review.
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Healthy Snacking Around the Holidays

Healthy Snacking Is Possible Around the Holidays
For many of us (myself included), the holidays are full of stressful opportunities to eat and drink too much of things that taste great and make us feel lousy. What is the biggest tip for healthy snacking to keep you satiated while still feeling great through this holiday season?
Eat nutrient-dense snacks!
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Black Friday Pilates Sale 2015

Black Friday Pilates Sale 2015 – Audios, eCourse, and Privates!
I think a sale is always exciting, especially when I have one of my very own! For this Black Friday Pilates Sale 2015 you can enjoy significant discounts on all my Pilates offerings, including Pilates audios, my new Pilates for Back Pain eCourse, and private Pilates sessions with my via […] Continue Reading…

Instagram Academy 2.0 from Amanda Tress

Instagram Academy 2.0 from Amanda Tress
Back in August of this year I joined Amanda Tress’ Instagram Academy course. I had decided to get my Instagram game on, but was really unclear about how to proceed. I managed to get my Twitter follower count over 10,000, and have some nice interactions on my Facebook Page, but Instagram just eluded me.

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Thanksgiving Can Be Every Day

Thanksgiving Can (and should) Be Everyday
I am just busting full of gratitude today for all of the awesome people in my life and the exciting things that are happening!
Family Is Fabulous
Today we will happily subway out to the Three Star diner on Avenue U in Brooklyn for an early 4pm dinner with my uncle Bob and my cousins. Uncle […] Continue Reading…

Fitness Trends for 2016 (and why Pilates is still going strong)

Fitness Trends for 2016 (and why Pilates is still going strong).
ACSM has released their latest list of Fitness Trends for 2016, and while Pilates is not named on the list, everything that Pilates does is listed.

Here it is:

With Pilates you get all of these Fitness Trends:

Bodyweight Training
Strength Training
Certified and Experienced Fitness Professionals
Personal Training
Functional Fitness
Programs for Older Adults
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What Pilatespocalypse? Pilates Is Going Strong!

What Pilatespocalypse? Pilates Is Going Strong!
I was perplexed when I read Annie Lowrey’s article in New York magazine last week, The Pilatespocalypse: How the Method That Started the Boutique-Fitness Trend Is Going Bust.

After all, I have a waiting list; Real Pilates is crazy busy on all levels – classes, privates, teacher training, business mentoring, workshops; and the Pilates teachers […] Continue Reading…