My Low-Cost and Low-Stress Wedding

How I managed to pull off a low-cost and low-stress wedding, and how you can too!
So, You Want to Get Married?
Marriage is a big step, and weddings are full of unforeseen family drama, planning, stress, and cost. When T asked me to marry him back in 1993, we were totally broke. Seriously, I was in graduate school and he […] Continue Reading…

Adrenal Fatigue and Hormone Imbalances

An Update
I Am So Tired
Seriously, I am exhausted on multiple levels. Adrenal exhaustion combined with lack of sleep from a hormone imbalance and Smiley (dog) stress have left me depleted. Depleted enough to not blog for a few weeks :).
Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion
To address the adrenal fatigue and exhaustion I have upped my intake of Vitamin C, Bs, and […] Continue Reading…

Book Review: Listen…Till You Disappear

Book Review: Listen, Till You Disappear by Martin Kettelhut, PhD
Rating – 5/5 Stars
Martin Kettelhut’s Listen…Till You Disappear is an extremely practical, step-by-step guide to uncovering your limiting thoughts and beliefs, reconciling your past, connecting with others, and crafting your very own awesome future.
Martin Kettelhut, PhD
Spoiler alert – I went to graduate school with Martin Kettelhut at Temple University. We […] Continue Reading…

Signs of Workout Rut and How to Get Out

Get out of Your Workout Rut
(A sponsored post.)

It’s a great feeling to get up every morning, ready to tackle your workout and anything else the day has to throw at you. Unfortunately, that bright, bushy tailed sensation doesn’t come to everybody and it doesn’t always last — workout ruts are serious challenges to fitness for most people. But how […] Continue Reading…

New Running Shoes from Millet Sports UK

Hubby has new Mizuno running shoes from Millet Sports UK. Great shoes and great service!
I am contacted relatively often by companies who would like to me review their stuff. What kind of stuff? All kinds – books, movies, booking services, shoes, sneakers, cosmetics, clothing, supplements – seriously, just about everything.

Generally I am so busy that I do not do […] Continue Reading…

Probiotics, Enzymes, Minerals, and Protein – Oh My!

I tried all the LiviaOne products – probiotics, enzymes, minerals, and protein – here are my comments!
After my successful trial of the LiviaOne Probiotics, I contacted company CEO Ted Greidanus to see if I could try the rest. “Of course,” he replied.

A few days later I received a box. One bottle of the Enzyme Blend, one bottle of the […] Continue Reading…

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