Breathing in Pilates and everywhere else is crucial on many levels. Proper breathing helps everything!
Breathing comes up a lot in the Pilates studio. In fact, one of the first exercises we teach new clients is the Hundred, which involves a whole lot of breathing in flexion.

Yesterday I taught a workshop on Teaching Clients with Hernia and Diastasis Recti to […] Continue Reading…

Dosha Bars, GoMacro Bars, & A Pluggz Flash Sale

Dosha Bars

Dosha Bars, GoMacro Bars, & A Pluggz Flash Sale
Today I am spending my afternoon at Real Pilates new Soho studio, doing one of my favorite things – teaching other Pilates teachers about helping client with Hernia & Diastasis Recti. Awesomeness!

It is finally warm in NYC, so I will most likely wear my Pluggz fold ups, which are comfortable to […] Continue Reading…

Petit Fours for Queen Elizabeth

petit fours

Petit Fours for Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday at Duane Park Patisserie
Petit Fours from Duane Park Patisserie are one of my favorite desserts. This little french bakery is right next store to Real Pilates on Duane Street, and is our go to spot for birthday and other celebratory cakes. Seriously, this little gem has fabulous cakes and things (Nutella croissant, anyone?).

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Pilates for Hernia and Diastasis Recti Workshop


Pilates for Hernia and Diastasis Recti Workshop for Teachers – April 23, 2016 1-4pm at Real Pilates Soho

Training clients with hernia and diastasis recti requires a small shift in thinking and approach for many Pilates teachers. It is crucial at the beginning that these clients avoid increases in intra-abdominal pressure (IAP), yet almost all beginning Pilates exercises involve working […] Continue Reading…

Easy 5 Day Fast Diet

east 5 day fast

Easy 5 Day Fast may help you stay healthy long term
As my long-time readers know well, I am all about moderation. I tend to eschew fasts, meal replacements, and deprivation diets in favor of real food. So when I received an email from Weight Loss Buddy about their new Easy 5 Day Fast Diet, I was initially skeptical.
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Lose Weight With Me Week – Starts April 4

lose weight with me

Lose Weight With Me Week – Starts April 4, 2016
Why should you lose weight with me? In the past three months, with the help of the awesome coaches I work with at Team INSPIRE, I have been my healthiest self, ever! Without remotely depriving myself or over-exercising, I have lost 20 pounds and gained much muscle.
Team INSPIRE 7 Day […] Continue Reading…