Broken Toe Update

Liz with the naked boot

Broken Toe Update

Just when I thought that my broken big toe extravaganza couldn’t get worse, it did!

Saw podiatrist yesterday who informed me that at least one of the 5 breaks in my crushed distal phalange is simply not coming together. Which means that this whole process will take much longer than expected.

Now I require a bone stimulator and I have to wear my giant boot (cam walker, as they so lovingly put it) for the next five weeks until x-ray 8/30. Even better, I have to wear the walker in the house, even “just to go to the bathroom”. No weight bearing without boot!

At least my boot is bedazzled!

My friend Liz who bedazzled my boot!
My friend Liz who bedazzled my boot!

And when I am not weight-bearing I am to be resting, icing, and elevating as much as possible. Yes, that means sitting on a ball when teaching and doing nothing outside when I am not. No exercise :(

Those of you who know me, know that this is killing me. I hate feeling helpless. I hate not exercising. And I hate feeling out of control of my own body.

I am always used to helping. And there is nothing I can do here to help other than rest. This sucks and I am totally frustrated.

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