What Pilatespocalypse? Pilates Is Going Strong!

What Pilatespocalypse? Pilates Is Going Strong!

I was perplexed when I read Annie Lowrey’s article in New York magazine last week, The Pilatespocalypse: How the Method That Started the Boutique-Fitness Trend Is Going Bust.

After all, I have a waiting list; Real Pilates is crazy busy on all levels – classes, privates, teacher training, business mentoring, workshops; and the Pilates teachers I work with are doing well.

But then I saw how many of my fellow Pilates professionals were shaken by this article. “Is it true?”, they wondered. “Are we becoming obsolete?”

Not at all.

I, and many Pilates teachers I know, have ridden this out before. The difference now is that there are more Pilates teachers and studios than ever before, and all gyms and many yoga studios have Pilates classes on their schedules. But believe me, the cream always rises.

In the eighties, Pilates was also failing. Everyone was in search of newer, more fun workouts. High impact dance aerobics, step classes, and repetitive toning classes started coming to the forefront. Remember getting your high-top Reebok aerobic sneakers and grapevining and high-kicking across the aerobic studio? Because I do! Some awesome choreography, some great dance music, and we had ourselves a workout.

And then we all sustained injuries from the constant high impact moves, especially in step class.

Where did we go? Back to Pilates. The nineties saw the huge growth of Pilates as people flocked to core-strengthening, functional, bio-mechanically correct exercise. But then you still had to go to a Pilates studio to get even a group Pilates mat class.

Today everyone has forgotten about the negatives associated with high impact dance cardio and repetitive movements, which is the basis of most of the new and shiny classes. Somehow having specialized shoes seems to make us think we are safer. And for those who want to add a Pilates class, they can do that at their gym for free and not pay for group class at a Pilates studio.

Most of my clients, who are around my age (49) and saw what happened 30 years ago, know that they need something like Pilates to mitigate the damage from these classes. And they want private Pilates sessions. In fact, my schedule is so full with private sessions that I don’t teach any group classes at all.

My prediction is that, like in the nineties, folks will soon come flocking back into the Pilates studio. The high impact exercising will take its toll and those folks will come in to get fixed. But instead of classes, which they can take at their gym, they will come to the Pilates studio for privates and smaller groups utilizing the Pilates apparatus.

Pilatespocalypse? Pilates going bust? Not at all. Just wait….



Four Indoor Exercises to Try This Winter

Four Indoor Exercises to Try This Winter (other than Pilates)

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With winter approaching, exercise often has to take a backseat. Driving wind and howling rain might not deter erstwhile fitness enthusiasts, but those who struggle to motivate themselves often feel otherwise.

However, a healthy lifestyle isn’t really something to just pick up and put back down. Although any effort towards staying fit and keeping in shape should be commended, experts like SuperBody recommend that the best way to make a lasting difference to your health and well-being is to stick to it.

So how can you combat those winter blues and stop all of your hard work from going to waste? If you need a little help, here are four great indoor exercises, other than Pilates, that you might want to try…


The perfect indoor pursuit, yoga is a fabulous way to relax and unwind after a long day at work, and it has the added bonus of helping to tone and define bodies in need of some shaping. Most local gyms will offer classes for those who would like to give it a go. Alternatively, if you’re a little self-conscious, there are lots of fabulous DVDs and YouTube tutorials around to educate you.

Indoor Interval Training

If yoga is a little tame for you, and you’d prefer to up the ante, then consider attending some indoor interval training at a local gym. Designed to really make you work, interval training is guaranteed to get you sweating. It uses a number of different muscle groups, helping to burn calories, shape, tone, define, and improve your overall health and fitness.


Running is always popular, yet most people view it as an outdoor pursuit. During the summer, a long jog in the park can feel like an idyllic way to end the day, but when the wind is howling and cold nips at your fingers and toes, lots of people would prefer to curl up by the fire and relax. Don’t give in to temptation; swap tarmac for a treadmill to maintain your stamina, burn some calories, and keep your heart healthy.

Dance Cardio

A lot of people find it hard to stay motivated when they exercise alone, and this means that a good old-fashioned group class can be a godsend. Enter aerobics. Fun, communal, and high-energy, it’s an ideal way to burn some calories, have a good laugh with your friends, and work up a sweat to shed those pounds.

Give these great indoor exercises a go today.

Shashi Socks

Shashi socks are cooling grippy socks for yoga, pilates, and even wearing with shoes.

When Shashi contacted me regarding their socks, I was not very interested. I mean, really, how many grippy socks can we have? So I agreed to look at and try some samples, which arrived within a few days.

They sent me three pair, one white with the big toe separated, one black with no separation, and one nude with sequins. I tried them all!

shashi socksSize

Shashi socks are sized, and you can see above that the nude socks are smaller than the other two pair. I am an 8, which would put me in a medium, but the small actually fits me better. The mediums come up too high on my ankle and bunch a bit at the toes.


I wanted to love the style, but I really don’t. The white pair with the big toe separation was so uncomfortable to me (I hate things in my toes and barely tolerate thong sandals), but a gave to a teacher friend who doesn’t have that issue and she loves them!

The sole is thinner to allow wearing in shoes (even dress shoes and flats), and the mesh top is breathable.

The socks are made for left and right feet – they are styled for each foot.

The sparkly ones look cute on and are very comfortable.

They work with my Pluggz fold ups – I could see this with pants on.

Sparkly shashi socks


Shashi socks are thin, light, breathable. The bottom of the sock is thin, so you feel the floor or the equipment. They have enough traction to be safe for just about any movements.

I didn’t notice a big cooling effect, but my feet do not get extraordinarily hot.

In general, these are fine. I had some toe and bottom of foot bunching in the medium socks, as they are a little too big for my feet.


This is where I think Shashi socks have their biggest problem. One pair costs $16-$18. Yes, I know they are well made, cooling, and grippy, but $18 for one pair of socks? I am not sure that the product justifies that price point.

Check out the Shashi socks on their website – ShashiOnline.com

Why Women Should Think About Lifting Weights

Why women should think about lifting weights

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Lifting weights can often fell like a male dominated activity. We still tend to associate the weight area of a gym with the large bodybuilders who are trying to bulk up and get as muscly as possible. But what about for the average woman – should we all be hitting the weights?

Weight lifting can be daunting and women often ignore it as part of their exercise regime. You always hear stories like, ‘lifting makes women bulky,’ or ‘it’s bad for your joints.’ The reality is these are all silly stereotypes that are keeping too many women from experiencing the profound benefits of resistance training.

When you sit down to list your fitness objectives, you may be surprised to learn that that strength training will not only help you reach them, but may reach them faster than performing cardio exercise alone. There are plenty of fitness blogs out there that will all talk about the benefits of lifting weights. Sites like Fitness Drum who use personal trainers to offer insights and advice all discuss the importance of lifting weights for anyone looking to get healthier.

Cardio workouts will always form the foundation of any fitness plan however lifting weights is the perfect way to progress and help you become fitter and healthier.

Although many people consider weightlifting only a means to add size, when contrasted head-to-head against cardiovascular exercise, resistance training comes out on top in the battle to burn calories. A HIIT programme combining some type of weight lifting will really help you burn calories.

There is also some added advantages to lifting weights. After a session of strength training, you continue to consume additional oxygen in the hours and even days that follow. This is known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. When your body uses more oxygen, it requires more caloric expenditure and an increased metabolic rate. In essence, your body is still working hard when you’re not exercising.

Lifting weights will also help in everyday life. Being that little bit stronger will make those daily tasks seem so much easier. Carrying those shopping bags no longer has to be a struggle. Opening that jar of sauce no longer has to be a struggle.

Strength training greatly improves sleep quality, aiding in your ability to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake less often during the night. A study published in the International SportMed Journal suggests that morning resistance training or high intensity training greatly affects the quality of sleep and lengthens the time of sleep the night after training. Strength training is also strongly associated with improved heart disease.

To get these kind of benefits you don’t need to be lifting really heavy weight every day. Any personal trainer or fitness instructor can design a program that will help you achieve these benefits. Start off just lifting very light weights once a week and slowly progress at your own pace – you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!

Signs of Workout Rut and How to Get Out

Get out of Your Workout Rut

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It’s a great feeling to get up every morning, ready to tackle your workout and anything else the day has to throw at you. Unfortunately, that bright, bushy tailed sensation doesn’t come to everybody and it doesn’t always last — workout ruts are serious challenges to fitness for most people. But how do you know you’re in a workout rut, and more importantly, what can you do to get out of the dangerous cycle?

Workout Ruts Happen

When you’re first working out, you’re excited to be making big changes in your life — but as you go through your routine day after day it can get taxing. You may soon find yourself bored, exhausted or simply poorly matched to the exercises you’re doing. Don’t kick yourself, it’s a common problem, that’s why it’s so important to know the signs of fitness burnout, of workout rut. If you notice yourself doing any of these things, it may be time to mix it up:

Constantly watching the clock.

If your eye is always on the clock, you’re not focusing on your workout. Not only does this mean you’re not putting your all into your routine, it also means you’re pretty bored with what little you are doing.

Hitting a plateau.

Eventually, you’ll need to shake up your workout to get the results you want. Your body is an incredible machine that will eventually get used to the activities you’re throwing at it — even if you’re not bored, your body is telling you that you are in a workout rut and need to try something new.

Making excuses.

Are you suddenly too busy to make it to the gym, take a walk down the street or spend time on your home equipment? You’re burning out big time — and don’t try to pretend that doing half a workout is a sign of anything otherwise.


Your workout shouldn’t feel like a bubble bath, but it shouldn’t leave you so sore that you can’t lift your arms, either. If you’re pushing it hard because you think you should or working out every day, your body’s not going to let you keep going.

How to Get Out of the Workout Rut

Many people throw themselves into their fitness routine enthusiastically, but neglect to make a real plan. They go to the gym, hit the same machines every day and never give themselves a break — it’s a recipe for failure. But it’s ok, you can revive your workout with these tips:

Plan for breaks.

You cannot work out seven days a week — you have to give your body time to recover.  Start with working out every few days or every other day, then gradually work your way up to your goal number of workouts each week.

Mix it up.

Doing the same routine or hitting the same machine every day is enough to drive anybody out of their mind with boredom. Mix up your routine by balancing cardio and strength training, or join a fitness class for even more versatility. When working out is fun, you’ll not watch the clock or make excuses to not be there.

Take it easy.

A workout shouldn’t cause your body damage — don’t push for the sake of pushing. Instead, build your body up gradually by making your workouts only slightly more difficult each time and limiting them to about 45 minutes.

If your workout rut is more about time than energy, you should consider a home gym.  Machines like the Nordic Track treadmill can help you with your cardio, and when coupled with dumbbells, allow you to create a full body workout from the comfort of your own home.  Treadmills are too much for some people, but you can also read up on today’s best ellipticals at Fitness Equipment Source.

New Running Shoes from Millet Sports UK

Hubby has new Mizuno running shoes from Millet Sports UK. Great shoes and great service!

I am contacted relatively often by companies who would like to me review their stuff. What kind of stuff? All kinds – books, movies, booking services, shoes, sneakers, cosmetics, clothing, supplements – seriously, just about everything.

Generally I am so busy that I do not do reviews for product only. I save my energy for paying gigs that include product! But every once in a while the people who contact me are so lovely, and the products so great, that I relent.

The PR folks at Millet Sports UK contacted me a while ago to see if I would review their site, shoes, and international service. They agreed to ship some new runners for hubby, who chose the new Mizuno Wave Kazan, a trail running shoe with lots of stability and cushion, but with enough mid-foot and ankle mobility to accommodate different running surfaces.

Mind you, they have such a huge selection of running shoes for men that this was not an easy choice! I ordered using his US size. International shipping took about two weeks, and we had the Mizuno Wave Kazan shoes in hand.

men's running shoes

Hubby LOVES them! The trail stability features help him navigate the cobblestones and construction areas of lower Manhattan with ease. He says they are well-cushioned for street wear with good stability and mobility for running and walking on different surfaces. Exactly as promised!

Any concerns I had about international shipping, sizing, or customer service were not at all necessary. Millet Sports handled my request seamlessly. Plus, in the UK Millet Sports offers free mainland shipping with an huge selection of shoes, as well as other sporting goods equipment.


When FitPro Email Marketing Fails

When FitPro Email Marketing Fails the results can be very funny, but bad for business.

This morning I received an email from someone representing a new app to help Fitness Professionals. Too bad the email was completely off.

This iOS app may be awesome for FitPros who are having a hard time tracking their clients. It is inexpensive and sounds robust, which is why I left a live link in this post. For a crazy busy trainer with too much too keep track of, this app may be the perfect solution.

But even if I used iOS, this email would have been enough to turn me off. Welcome to When FitPro Email Marketing Fails.

1. The Email

Hello Lippin,

I came across your profile at ideafit.com and found your website http://www.pilatesandreiki.com. I see that you are an experienced fitness professional.

For over a year, I and my team have been developing 52C — a new online tool for Personal Trainers. Many great PTs like yourself have advised us and helped us make it a real time saver when it comes to collecting clients’ progress data and planning workout sessions.

Now the app is ready: 52challenges.com

Would you like to test it out free for 14 days?

Best regards,
xxx Patxxx, Content Manager

2. My Reply

Hi Patxxx,

I am somewhat confused by this email.

First, you address me as “Lippin”. which is why I addressed you as “Patxxx”. I assume last name only is how things go at 52challenges? Very military-like of you.

Second, if you looked at my website and my ideafit profile, you would see that I have no problems tracking clients. I am organized, have a great memory, and as a former philosophy professor I have a wonderful attention to detail.

Third, while your email sounds like you are making me a special 14 day free offer, I notice when I click the link that the 14 day trial is open to any fitness pro. So why bother emailing me directly and making this sound like a special offer?

I am not interested, and couldn’t even use your app as it is only for iOS and I don’t use apple portable devices.

So, thank you for giving me a laugh this morning and some fodder for my next blog post – FitPro Marketing Email Fail.



3. The Marketing Lessons

The takeaway for marketers is pretty clear and starts with the basics of proofreading your form email before hitting send, and knowing your audience.

Presentation alone can turn a potential customer away. I can’t say this often enough – make sure you take the time to proofread and edit.

You have one shot at this opening email. Make it a great one!