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Buddha’s Herbs Multi-Vitamin is a high quality, easy to swallow supplement.

5/5 Stars – We take this every day. Highly recommended!

Over the years I have gone back and forth with supplements.

They can be uber-expensive, difficult to swallow, and I always wonder about the quality. Should I buy drugstore brands? Do I need a high-potency supplement? Are all brands the same?

I also prefer to buy nutritional items made in the US, since so many of the products we import from China and other countries turn out to be tainted with lead and other contaminates.

Enter Buddha’s Herbs.

Made in the US? Check.

Organic and non-GMO? Check.

Affordably priced? Check.

High quality supplements? Check.

MultiVitaminI reviewed their One A Day Mega Omega a couple of months ago, and this time I tried the Buddha’s Herbs Complete Multi-vitamin for Adults. I received one bottle free for review.

The pills are smaller than most multi-vitamins I have taken, so are easier to swallow. Hubby and I take one each every morning, and feel like we are covering our basic nutritional needs without adding chemicals, preservatives, or GMO ingredients. Like all Buddha’s Herbs products, this is “manufactured at a NSF certified GMP facility and Independently tested at a FDA authorized Lab to ensure ingredient quantity, purity and proper dissolution.”

Cost? While the MSRP of $19.99 is more than fair, they are consistently on sale for $12.49, making these vitamins a big bargain.

I received the Influenster Vitality Voxbox!

More awesome free stuff this month from Influenster

I have a confession.

One of the best perks for being somewhat well known in my little niche of pilates, reiki, and social media is free stuff. I am more than happy to attend fun events, try new products, and blog or share about them. And I love that brands are open and willing to work with me!

One of my most surprising finds has been a local Tribeca company, Influenster. I have had some of the best free stuff to try in their Voxboxes – full of full size products, not teeny samples.

Vitality Voxbox

This time around I qualified for the Vitality Voxbox. This box contained Bikini Ready Energy Gummies, a Softlips cube, a bottle of Pure Leaf iced tea, a box of Playtex Sport tampons, a tube of First Degree Advanced Burn Cream, and Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Serum. The retail value was approximately $50.

The Pure Leaf tea was OK. Unsweetened organic iced tea that tasted great on a hot day.

According to my colleagues who use them, the Playtex Sport tampons are fabulous and leak-free.

I used the First Degree burn cream on a stove burn, and it settled things enough that there was no blister. I also decided to use it on a blister on my foot, and it helped it heal faster. Great product!

While I am often hesitant to try new face products, I do love the texture of the Flawless Future serum. It sinks right in, is not greasy at all, and my skin does seem a bit more luminous (I have genetically great skin, so it’s not always easy for me to see what a product does quickly).Bikini Ready Chews

The Softlips cube has become a favorite lip balm of mine. I bought a few after this one, and it tastes good and works well.

And then we have the Bikini Ready Energy Gummies. Much as I stay away from weight loss supplements, I decided to try these as they only contain caffeine (50mg in a serving of 5 gummies, about 1/2 a cup of strong coffee) and vitamin B12. And they work! The taste isn’t perfect, but it’s a supplement, not candy. I found good sustained energy that didn’t make me jittery and made working out a little bit easier. These I surprisingly recommend.




Marketing 101 for Trainers, Episode 3 –  Elevate Yourself In Any Studio

Wednesday, June 25, 3:00 – 4:30pm
Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates
177 Duane Street
New York, NY 10038
There are so many new Pilates teachers on the market right now that it is important to elevate yourself from the rest while still maintaining good teacher and studio relations.
How do you become a busy teacher in a crowded studio? How can you be a valuable team member while also promoting yourself?
Next Wednesday I will show you how to make yourself shine in any studio through social media, referrals, sharing, and setting a great example for others.
I will explain the importance of various social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram) and how to properly use them to help yourself and the studio(s) or gym(s) where you teach.
Sign up for Marketing 101 for Trainers Part 3. 90 minutes. $45.

Review: Weight Gurus Smartphone Connected Digital Scale

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I have been looking for a scale that is simple and easy to use. A digital scale that will track my weight and hubby’s weight separately, track weight loss, and connect with my phone and/or tablet so I have an easy to track portablweight guru digital scale boxe record of my progress.

Of course, I also wanted an accurate scale that did not break the bank. With all the technology out there, I knew the scale of my dreams had to exist.

So I kept researching (also known as procrastinating).

And then, I received and invitation from Weight Gurus via Tomoson, a digital marketing company that connect brands with bloggers, asking me to review their Weight Gurus Smartphone Connected Digital Bathroom Scale with Large Backlit LCD and Weightless Technology. I chosweightguruscalee the black scale.

The Weight Gurus scale was easy to set up, only requiring that I pull a plastic strip from the battery case to get it started. It was easy to set up for two users, even with similar weights.

After you weigh yourself, the scale displays a symbol that you can photograph with your iOS or android device via the Weight Gurus app. I side-loaded the app onto my Kindle Fire and found it easy to use, with handy graphs and other great visual aids to show my weight loss. Exactly what I was looking for!

The only thing that would make this scale better is a body composition component, but that is available from Weight Gurus in a different model.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


The Influenster Go VoxBox was filled with free, full-size health and fitness related products. Here is my review.

One great bonus for having a relatively large social media presence is that companies, either directly or through a third party company such as Influenster or Klout, send me stuff to try out and hopefully pass along to my friends, fans, and followers.

govoxboxThe Go VoxBox is my second box from Influenster, and I pre-qualified for another one by being very active in the Twitter Party promoting the brands in the box – Playtex, Aqua Spa, Quaker-Muller, ProFoot, Blue Diamond Almonds, and Next Step shakes from The Vitamin Shoppe. This free box came full of full-size products, all of which are great.

I confess that I brought the Playtex Sport Tampons into work for others to try, since I am post-menopausal and no longer in need. People loved them.

I tried the Next Step protein shake from The Vitamin Shoppe, and was impressed by the decent flavor of the Mixed Berry packet (I tried it first because berry is usually the worst). I was also impressed by the Jack Mixing Bottle, which blended most of the powder easily.


I was able to purchase a Muller yogurt at the store with the free coupon, and chose white chocolate cherry, which was as wonderful as it sounds. The yogurt comes with separately packaged add-ins.

The Blueberry Almonds were a surprise. I did not expect to like them, but the blueberry flavor was subtleblueberryalmonds_kindlephoto-226093167 and natural. I found that the nuts were the perfect mix of sweet and savory, which is one of my favorite combinations.

The Relax Aqua Spa Body Cream smells good and is a thick, easily absorbed moisturizer. I do wish that it had fewer chemicals, and while I will finish it, am not sure that I would buy more.


And last, but not least, the ProFoot Pedi-Stone and Orthotic Insoles. The insoles have great arch support with some heel cushion, and the Pedi-Stone is a large flexible exfoliating tool.

Needless to say, I really enjoy these VoxBoxes from Influenster!

The Benefits of Pilates for Beginners

As the national battle against obesity in the US continues to gather momentum, so does the fight in the UK. Hardly a week goes by without a new brand or food item being placed under the microscope. This week it was soft drinks giant Coca-Cola’s turn in the UK media spotlight, with their controversial plans to fund a £20 million anti-obesity fitness drive in 70 of the country’s regional parks. This is despite the fact that soft drinks such as Coke are considered to be key contributors to the rise of obesity in the UK.

While the debate surrounding unhealthy food and drink items continues to rage, there is ample opportunity for individuals to make informed decisions about their fitness and nutrition, developing a more active lifestyle. Exercises methods such as Pilates offer a relevant case in point, as they can be easily learned and practiced from the comfort of your own home.

UK Retailers such as Fitness Warehouse carry the specific items of equipment you will need to start your home exercise program.

Consider the following benefits of pilates for beginners.

Improve your Posture and Alignment

While the majority of us exercise to lose excess weight or improve our strength and conditioning, there are other benefits of enjoying regular physical activity. One of the greatest benefits of Pilates is that it helps to improve your posture, by aligning and balancing your skeleton so that each individual muscle is held at its ideal length.

Should you live the majority of your life with your body out of alignment, there is a significant risk that you will place undo strain on your ligaments, joints, and spine. This can cause significant pain when you are older, so it is important to consider this from an early age.

Enhance Movement and Flexibility

If you are an avid weight trainer, you may already be on the way to developing a strong and well-conditioned body. However, it is important to develop a balance between strength and flexibility when exercising. Pilates offers an ideal opportunity to focus on this balance.

Pilates will help to loosen your muscles and improve mobility as the strengthen, which in turn minimizes pain and assists you in developing greater levels of stamina. This will also help you to negate the physical impact of aging.

Improve Levels of Physical and Mental Endurance

On the issue of endurance, Pilates is an excellent way of improving your levels of physical stamina and mental performance. After all, endurance is often drawn from your reserves of mental strength, and by consistently practicing Pilates you will develop greater levels of focus and enhance your capacity to complete a range of physical activities.

Pilates therefore enables you to operate from a foundation of strength.

(in collaboration with Fitness Warehouse)

Marketing 101 for Trainers, Part 2 – where Lynda Lippin will teach you how to attract, expand, and maintain your high-end client base.

The easiest way to earn a living doing any form of personal training is to have high income, high paying clients. The more you earn per hour, the fewer hours you need to work to make a comfortable living and the more you can have a life outside of the gym or studio.

But as I talk to my colleagues, I realize that so many trainers are scared to ask for more. So I asked myself,

“What skill sets must trainers have in order to be comfortable and happy asking for high fees and delivering the service and results that justify those fees?”

You know, I didn’t always have all of these skills. I learned by trial and error (mostly by error).

But you don’t have to struggle! You can learn from my mistakes.

I now train clients less than 35 hours per week. 32 of those hours are filled with recurring, standing appointments so I am able to actually do financial projections and budgets. Whether they are Real Pilates clients or my own privates, these clients pay well over $100 per hour for my time and are happy to have the opportunity. When someone lets go of a recurring time, it is typically filled within 48 hours.

Did I mention that I no longer work weekends? That I travel very little between studios? That I teach only one class, and that is for fun because I have people who would snag that as a recurring private in a second? And I only work three evenings (T, W, Th) per week?

Most importantly, I love my work and my clients again!

In this 90 minute Marketing 101 for Trainers workshop at Real Pilates in Tribeca, we will explore how to set yourself up to attract, expand, and/or maintain your very own high-end client base.

Episode 2 – Expanding and Maintaining Your High End Client Base
Wednesday, May 28, 3:00 – 4:30pm $45
What do you as a trainer need to know about attracting great clients? In this workshop Lynda will share her secrets that keep her steadily busy in a city full of trainers who cost a lot less. Learn which skills are crucial, how to do more with less, and be adaptable while maintaining strong personal integrity.

Real Pilates, 177 Duane Street, New York, NY 10013, (212) 625-0777

If this is your first time visiting Real Pilates, use code LLGIFT at checkout, and you will receive a lovely welcome gift when you check in!

Sign up for Marketing 101 for Trainers Part 2 – Expanding and Maintaining Your High-End Client Base.