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Over 80% of American Are In Chronic Pain

I was reading a few days ago that over 80% of Americans suffer from chronic pain, mostly due to inflammation. In addition, recent news suggests that the over the counter NSAIDS such as ibuprofen actually make things worse when used for the long term.

Hubby has arthritis in his spine, hip, and toes. He wakes up every day in pain, but is suprisingly physically able and mobile. He just moves through it. We have been searching for botanical alternatives to NSAIDS, since they are hurting his stomach.

Sometimes the pain can turn into depression, and becomes a vicious cycle.

So what is a person in pain supposed to do?

CW Botanicals hemp

Hemp may help pain and inflammation

So I started doing some research. We added some other supplements to his diet and multi-vitamin – vitamin D, vitamin C, glucosamine, chondroiton, MSM, and probiotics.

Hubby also started doing some meditative practices, including coloring. And we take more time away from the city, which is important to us.

But I was still looking for something else.

And then we found CW Botanicals Charlotte’s Web Pen, a whole plant hemp extract naturally high in CBD as a topical gel pen product. Each pen contains 50 applications of 2mg each and retails for $49.95.

When I saw that the possible health benefits included overall improved wellness and body balance, less inflammation, and some possible alleviation of pain, I decided that he should try it.

Charlotte's Web Gel Pen

So far, so good

Hubby has been using the Charlotte’s Web Infused gel pen twice a day for about one week, and is feeling better. His sleep has improved, and his mood is better. While the pain is still there, it seems to be affecting him less.

The gel is easy to use. Just twist the bottom and press it for one dose. Use it on areas of thinner skin (inside of wrist or elbow, or back of knee).

Note that hubby has sensitive skin, and this doesn’t bother him at all.

Use promo code CW2015 before September 30, 2015 for 30% off your order.

We highly recommend that you try this product. I will report any more improvements as they happen over the next three weeks!

Have you ever tried hemp oil wellness products? Do tell!

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CW Botanicals is the only hemp oil derived exclusively from Charlotte’s Web™. CW Botanicals is the exclusive provider of premium Charlotte’s Web™ products made from our proprietary hemp genetics, grown internationally as well as in Colorado. Our products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of CW Botanicals. The opinions and text are all mine.

Summer Vacation In Mystic, CT

Our Summer Vacation In Mystic, CT Was Relaxing and Wonderful

Sometimes you just need to get out of town, and summer vacation is the perfect time.

Mystic, CT

Mystic, CT is a great destination from NYC. It is about 2.5 hours on the train, and about a 3 hour drive. There is plenty to do for adults and children, with great shopping, great historical Seaport and Navy sites, a nice Aquarium, plus hiking, fishing, boating, and swimming. There are interesting, good restaurants and the people are just lovely. Driving is easy, walking is easy, and all the major sites are within a two mile radius.

Mystic Seaport

NYC is Awesome, but Tough to Live In

I love NYC, but am finding it increasingly more difficult to live in. My neighborhood (the undefined area in the middle of FIDI, Tribeca, South Street) is generally quieter than many, but even here it is hard some days to steel myself up to leave the house.

Seriously, every time I go outside I have to prepare myself. I have to look out for pedestrians (especially tourists) who are so intent on their cell phones or maps that they don’t look at the street and people at all. I have to be aware of drivers who don’t stop at corners, or who try to run a yellow or red light irrespective of human beings in the way (you see, most drivers who kill pedestrians in the city get off free). I don’t even worry about crime so much as getting killed or injured by people just not paying attention!

And then there is the noise – the construction sounds which never go away, the subway noise, the street preachers, and the folks whose cell phones allow them to have intimate and angry conversations on their phones in public. Oh yes, a one-sided crazy fight is always awesome first thing in the morning!

Summer Vacation Planning

So this year we had some vacation parameters, and Mystic, CT met every single one. We wanted a place that:

  • We can get to by train and is pedestrian friendly
  • Has enough historical sites and tourist stuff to keep us occupied
  • Is near water, but not a beach
  • Has major hotels where we could get expected service, like room service

Mystic, CT is A Great Summer Vacation Destination

Mystic, CT met all of these requirements.

Mystic Seaport Sunset

  • We took Amtrack from and to Penn Station.
  • We had a great time at the Seaport, the Aquarium, and the other sites.
  • We sat by the water, but didn’t have to deal with messy beach.
  • We stayed at the Hilton, which met all of our requirements and more (even under renovation). Here is my Trip Advisor review of the Hilton Mystic with photos.
  • We bought Mystic Passes, which gave us multi-day admission to the Seaport and Aquarium, a 20% discount at the Hilton, and discounts at most of the shops we went to, including Vault Coffee and Mystic Army Navy.

Vault Coffee Sign

In addition, we had fabulous coffee every morning at Vault Coffee Roasters, great food and drinks at the Engine Room, grilled cheese at Bleu Squid, I had a great Pilates class at Aproma Studios, and we saw the last free Blue Monday blues concert at the Mystic River Park.

We brought home clothing from the Bass and Van Heusen outlets, jacket and gear from Mystic Army Navy, soap from Becca Rose Natural Body Care, Smoking Lamp coffee beans from Vault, and fudge from the General Store. And, yes, some hats and T-shirts.

Walking was interesting, as cars stop for pedestrian crossings, even when there is no light or stop sign. It took us a day or so to realize that cars would actually wait and not try to run us over! There are a lot of classic cars in the area, and we saw some beauties. The Hilton has a shuttle service, so we were always able to get a ride to town or the Seaport and back when we didn’t want to walk.

classic cars mystic, ct

We Will Return to Mystic, CT

We plan to return to Mystic, CT. There are more things we want to do and more restaurants we would like to eat in. I may try to get there in the Fall, as the colors will be stunning.

Have you ever been there? Leave a comment and let me know how you liked it.

Adrenal Fatigue and Hormone Imbalances

An Update

I Am So Tired

Seriously, I am exhausted on multiple levels. Adrenal exhaustion combined with lack of sleep from a hormone imbalance and Smiley (dog) stress have left me depleted. Depleted enough to not blog for a few weeks :).

Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion

To address the adrenal fatigue and exhaustion I have upped my intake of Vitamin C, Bs, and Magnesium. I am also taking Gaia Herbs Adrenal Health, which contains adaptagenic herbs such as rhodiola and holy basil.

For exercise I am doing mellow Pilates, walking, and some light kettlebell work. Anything too taxing takes a while to recover from.

Hormone Imbalance

We also made major changes to my bio-identical hormone replacement, taking away some estradiol and all the testosterone, while increasing progesterone, estriol, and DHEA. I am already sleeping better and require fewer naps and less caffeine.

Dog Incontinence

And Smiley is in a good treatment for her bladder incontinence, which is caused by a progression in her kidney disease. Lots of medication and an in-house doggie diaper later, and she (therefore we) is (are) doing better. Thank the universe for Healthy Paws Pet Insurance! They deal with every claim within 3 days and we are reimbursed within a week.

Self Care

Additionally, I had some acupuncture, a facial, and we are going on holiday to Mystic, CT. The best part about the trip? No driving! We are taking the train and staying at the Hilton by the Aquarium and the Olde Mystic Village,  which is only a mile from the Seaport but also has an hourly shuttle to town and the Seaport.

Smiley gets a holiday too, as she gets to board with her friends at The Wagging Tail.

And at least I will have few slow weeks in August to recover more before my schedule goes back to normal (increases 25-30%) in the fall.

That said, if you would like some time with me, August is a great time to get some hours with me that are not normally available. Hit me up!

In other news, I reached 10,000 Twitter followers and am taking an Instagram course in August. Look out!


Book Review: Listen…Till You Disappear

Book Review: Listen, Till You Disappear by Martin Kettelhut, PhD

Rating – 5/5 Stars

Martin Kettelhut’s Listen…Till You Disappear is an extremely practical, step-by-step guide to uncovering your limiting thoughts and beliefs, reconciling your past, connecting with others, and crafting your very own awesome future.

Martin Kettelhut, PhD

Spoiler alert – I went to graduate school with Martin Kettelhut at Temple University. We were very, very close until the later 90s, when we lost touch.

Then in the way of social media, he showed up one day on my LinkedIn “People You May Know” list. Like me, Dr. Kettelhut chose a path outside of academia. To date, he is an extremely successful executive coach who has co-founded two companies. His focus today is on listening as the key to innovation. Check out his website – Listening is the Key.


Mindfulness and Listening

Dr. Kettelhut focuses on meditation, on internal listening and journaling, as a key to self-understanding and success. He draws from many traditions, including Western Philosophy, Eastern Philosophy, and Yoga to create a very simple, yet highly sophisticated approach to mindfulness and success.

Basically, you refine and deepen your internal listening, which helps refine and deepen your external listening, which helps refine and deepen your communication skills. This then leads to more clarity around what you really want and how to get it.

Getting through the noise in our heads and in the world, getting past our own internal voices and the competing advice we get from outside, is not so easy. Dr. Kettelhut doesn’t pretend that it is, which is refreshing. But he does promise that if we are willing to put in some effort, we will have a better life.

Listen Exercises

Listen…Till You Disappear is a practical guide. In the course of the book there are 32 exercises that are aptly named, “Listen Exercises”. They start simply, with basic mindfulness meditation,

Simply notice all of the thought and feelings moving around inside of you. …Stay in the mode of observing these thoughts and sensations, rather than becoming involved with them, until you witness them subsiding and are left in deep peace with yourself.

There are very practical exercises, like de-cluttering your calendar, and more complex exercises that involve recognizing and releasing expectations and finding allies among friends.

Every exercise is journaled. Towards the end of the book, you refine prior answers based on new information and continue to refine your beliefs, expectations, and agreements.

The Techné of Listening – Do the Work

Basically, this is a workbook. Listen…Till You Disappear is about the techné of listening, the work. You can read the book without doing the work, but that would be silly and short-sighted.

Finally, we have a guide to meditation that speaks to the Western analytical mind. Martin Kettelhut pulls together many meditative traditions along with some contemporary neuroscience and personal stories from his own life and his clients’ lives, to prove that this works.

Even if you only do a third of these exercises, you will benefit. But I say, trust Dr. Kettelhut’s knowledge and experience. And trust me.

Do this work and your life will transform for the better!

“Listen…Till You Disappear”
By Dr. Martin Kettelhut
ISBN: 9781483422565
Paperback: $25.00
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu

Signs of Workout Rut and How to Get Out

Get out of Your Workout Rut

(A sponsored post.)

It’s a great feeling to get up every morning, ready to tackle your workout and anything else the day has to throw at you. Unfortunately, that bright, bushy tailed sensation doesn’t come to everybody and it doesn’t always last — workout ruts are serious challenges to fitness for most people. But how do you know you’re in a workout rut, and more importantly, what can you do to get out of the dangerous cycle?

Workout Ruts Happen

When you’re first working out, you’re excited to be making big changes in your life — but as you go through your routine day after day it can get taxing. You may soon find yourself bored, exhausted or simply poorly matched to the exercises you’re doing. Don’t kick yourself, it’s a common problem, that’s why it’s so important to know the signs of fitness burnout, of workout rut. If you notice yourself doing any of these things, it may be time to mix it up:

Constantly watching the clock.

If your eye is always on the clock, you’re not focusing on your workout. Not only does this mean you’re not putting your all into your routine, it also means you’re pretty bored with what little you are doing.

Hitting a plateau.

Eventually, you’ll need to shake up your workout to get the results you want. Your body is an incredible machine that will eventually get used to the activities you’re throwing at it — even if you’re not bored, your body is telling you that you are in a workout rut and need to try something new.

Making excuses.

Are you suddenly too busy to make it to the gym, take a walk down the street or spend time on your home equipment? You’re burning out big time — and don’t try to pretend that doing half a workout is a sign of anything otherwise.


Your workout shouldn’t feel like a bubble bath, but it shouldn’t leave you so sore that you can’t lift your arms, either. If you’re pushing it hard because you think you should or working out every day, your body’s not going to let you keep going.

How to Get Out of the Workout Rut

Many people throw themselves into their fitness routine enthusiastically, but neglect to make a real plan. They go to the gym, hit the same machines every day and never give themselves a break — it’s a recipe for failure. But it’s ok, you can revive your workout with these tips:

Plan for breaks.

You cannot work out seven days a week — you have to give your body time to recover.  Start with working out every few days or every other day, then gradually work your way up to your goal number of workouts each week.

Mix it up.

Doing the same routine or hitting the same machine every day is enough to drive anybody out of their mind with boredom. Mix up your routine by balancing cardio and strength training, or join a fitness class for even more versatility. When working out is fun, you’ll not watch the clock or make excuses to not be there.

Take it easy.

A workout shouldn’t cause your body damage — don’t push for the sake of pushing. Instead, build your body up gradually by making your workouts only slightly more difficult each time and limiting them to about 45 minutes.

If your workout rut is more about time than energy, you should consider a home gym.  Machines like the Nordic Track treadmill can help you with your cardio, and when coupled with dumbbells, allow you to create a full body workout from the comfort of your own home.  Treadmills are too much for some people, but you can also read up on today’s best ellipticals at Fitness Equipment Source.

New Running Shoes from Millet Sports UK

Hubby has new Mizuno running shoes from Millet Sports UK. Great shoes and great service!

I am contacted relatively often by companies who would like to me review their stuff. What kind of stuff? All kinds – books, movies, booking services, shoes, sneakers, cosmetics, clothing, supplements – seriously, just about everything.

Generally I am so busy that I do not do reviews for product only. I save my energy for paying gigs that include product! But every once in a while the people who contact me are so lovely, and the products so great, that I relent.

The PR folks at Millet Sports UK contacted me a while ago to see if I would review their site, shoes, and international service. They agreed to ship some new runners for hubby, who chose the new Mizuno Wave Kazan, a trail running shoe with lots of stability and cushion, but with enough mid-foot and ankle mobility to accommodate different running surfaces.

Mind you, they have such a huge selection of running shoes for men that this was not an easy choice! I ordered using his US size. International shipping took about two weeks, and we had the Mizuno Wave Kazan shoes in hand.

men's running shoes

Hubby LOVES them! The trail stability features help him navigate the cobblestones and construction areas of lower Manhattan with ease. He says they are well-cushioned for street wear with good stability and mobility for running and walking on different surfaces. Exactly as promised!

Any concerns I had about international shipping, sizing, or customer service were not at all necessary. Millet Sports handled my request seamlessly. Plus, in the UK Millet Sports offers free mainland shipping with an huge selection of shoes, as well as other sporting goods equipment.


Probiotics, Enzymes, Minerals, and Protein – Oh My!

I tried all the LiviaOne products – probiotics, enzymes, minerals, and protein – here are my comments!

After my successful trial of the LiviaOne Probiotics, I contacted company CEO Ted Greidanus to see if I could try the rest. “Of course,” he replied.

A few days later I received a box. One bottle of the Enzyme Blend, one bottle of the BLACKmp Living Powder, and one 30 day bag of the Athlete Protein Blend.

LiviaOne Enzyme Blend

Somehow, everyone I know suffers from some kind of digestive upset. We eat hard to digest foods like meats and fiber, we take medications that affect our digestion, and many of us suffer from chronic stress and anxiety, which also affect digestion.

Digestive enzymes literally help to break food down, making it easier to digest fully. They are also known to help reduce inflammation, and therefore pain.

The LiviaOne Enzyme Blend contains Papian and Chymopapian from Green Papaya (before it ripens), along with Bromelain from Pineapple core.

LiviaOne Enzyme Blend

Then they mix in a Super Greens Power Blend which is rich in copper, potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, enzymes and chlorophyll; the superfood Hippophae Ramnoids – also known as sea-buckthorn – one of the best source of Omega 7, along with 3, 6, & 9; and Probiotics – Bacillus family – 12,500 Billion CFUs per serving of good bacteria. These probiotics promote healthy microflora and has shown favorable results in fighting inflammation, urinary tract infections and ulcers.

Just 1/8 t. (one scoop) in 16 oz. of water per day gives you all this!

I didn’t see as much effect from this as from the other products, but there are probiotics in all of them, enzymes in all of them, and I eat lots of greens and sea greens to start with. I also found that the powder didn’t absorb into water as well as I would have liked, leaving some grit always.

LiviaOne BLACKmp Living Powder

Fulvic and humic acids are soil based and full of minerals that help us to digest our food and utilize nutrients more efficiently. We used to get more of them from produce, but now our soil is pretty much depleted of minerals.

Blackmp Living Powder is a unique powder supplement infused with Fulvic and Humic minerals as well as SBO (Bacillus Soil Based Organism) probiotics, both OMRI Organic Certified.

LiviaOne BlackMP

This is a completely alkaline product that you add to water. You don’t even have to shake it – the minerals bind with and infuse the water, which is cool to watch. The powder is tasteless, except for a slight mineral taste which doesn’t bother me.

I LOVE this powder. This just makes me feel better quickly in terms of energy, endurance, and digestion. I try to drink it daily, but especially on days where I am working out as it really seems to help my endurance.

Just one scoop in 16 oz. water.

LiviaOne Athlete Protein Blend w/ Enzymes and Probiotics

I have always used protein powder in my morning smoothies, and have a hard time finding non-whey and non-soy, unsweetened protein powders. I typically used unsweetened egg white powder, ordered from Amazon.

And then I tried LiviaOne Athlete Protein Blend w/ Enzymes and Probiotics. This is a super-concentrated pea and hemp protein blend, enriched with enzymes and probiotics – 5 grams of protein per 1 t. serving (which is equivalent to 1.5 T of powdered egg whites, what I used before).

LiviaOne Athlete Protein

The ingredients are awesome! Pea Protein Isolate, Hemp protein, Sprouted Chia, Green Papaya, Bromelain, Glutamine, Rhodiola & Bacillus Probiotics – all good and all useful.

It is tasteless, blends easily, and gives me added energy and better digestion!

Since I only use one scoop per day, the 30 day size lasted me close to 45 days – a bargain!