Happy New Year 2013 – Free Gifts for You



Happy New Year 2013

We made it through several doomsday predictions and a hurricane, things can only look up from here!
2012 was a busy and interesting year for me, and I am looking forward to a stronger and even more creative 2013.

To start your year off in a healthier place, I have a few gifts for you, a sale, and some new classes.

1. FREE Pilates for Lower Back Pain Audio (exp. 1/7/13)
This is my best-selling and critically-acclaimed audio.
“The sequence of exercises has all the qualities of a solid pilates principles workout–easy to follow, well-paced and above all safe. Lynda has the ability to be very specific without overwhelming the listening with anatomical jargon. She says just enough and a little bit more to get you feeling what you should be feeling.” -Anne Samoilov, Pilates Teacher, Los Angeles, CA

This easy to follow MP3 will give you a SIMPLE 30 MINUTE PILATES CLASS with exercises chosen to specifically ease your back pain and strengthen your core. All you have to do is listen, follow the exercises, and do the program 2-4 times per week. That’s it!

Purchase here and use the code “FREE2013″ at checkout.

2. Half-off All Pilates Audios (exp. 1/7/13)
50% off my three other audios – Pilates for Neck and Shoulder Pain, Basic Pilates Mat Class, and Pilates on Ring and Foam Roller (regularly $7.77)

Purchase here and use the code “HALF2013″ at checkout.

3. $100 off any 10 session Package (new & existing clients; limit one – exp. 1/7/13)
Purchase a new or renewal package of 10 private sessions and receive $100 discount. That would be $1250 for 10 studio privates (reg. $1350); $800 for 10 studio duets (reg. $900)  or $2150 for 10 in home privates (reg. $2250). If you are out of town and not seeing me until after the 7th, just let me know that you are interested and you can pay me on your return. For existing clients, sessions will be added on to your current package.

4. New Classes
I am teaching a weekly SpringTone class at Real Pilates, 177 Duane Street – Mondays 11-11:45am starting 1/7/13

If you are interested in Kettlebells, I am teaching a 90 minute workshop, Kettlebells for Pilates People, at Real Pilates on Wed 1/16/13 3-4:30pm.

In a recent study by the American Council on Exercise, participants burned 20 calories per minute performing kettlebell swings (that’s 200 calories in 10 minutes – really)! In fact, the kettlebell offers a fabulous full body cardio, strength, and flexibility workout that keeps your core solid and can be done in a very short time, in a very small space (just like the Pilates mat).

In this 90 minute workshop/workout, you will learn a bit of kettlebell history, what makes them different from traditional bar and dumbbells, and learn how to properly and safely execute the most basic and effective kettlebell exercises such as the swing, the rack, the press, the squat, and the turkish get up. We welcome all levels, as the exercises are easy to modify.

I look forward to seeing you soon! Have a fabulous 2013.



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Lynda Lippin

Lynda Lippin is an award-winning NYC-based Certified Pilates Teacher with 25 years experience, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in TRX® and Kettlebell training, and a Usui Reiki Master. Lynda's teaching style, which is described as "nurturing yet demanding," allows her clients, such as journalist Natalie Livingstone and designer Donna Karan, to overcome basic issues of poor posture, poor alignment, stiffness, injury, and back or neck pain. Lynda Lippin's clients end up stronger, taller, more flexible, and thinner with many fewer aches and pains.Livingstone says, "Lynda is the only personal trainer I have worked with who combines hard-core cardio, super-toning but not bulking weight circuits and expert pilates. Her results speak for themselves...."Contact Lynda Lippin to schedule a session or for more information.

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