Magic Circle Workshop at Real Pilates


SusanRingJoin Lynda Lippin for a Fun Magic Circle Workshop at Real Pilates on Wednesday August 14, 2013 from 5-6:30pm, only $40

OK, is there anybody who doesn’t love the Magic Circle (aka Pilates Ring, Spring Circle, Resistance Ring, Toning Ring)? So simple, really. Just some steel bands and wooden blocks (or today, lightweight but strong PVC plastic, coated with rubber, with padded contoured foam pads). This little ring of fire can tone your butt, inner thighs, and triceps like nothing else, while at the same time helping you deepen your connection to your core.

In this 90 minute workshop I will present two sections of exercises, starting with where we can use the magic circle to create variations of the classic Pilates mat exercises. In the second half, we will explore the dedicated Magic Circle repertoire, including standing exercises and neck exercises.

Pilates aficionados of any level will take away a slew of new ways to use the portable Magic Circle at home and on the road to keep their practice fresh. Pilates teachers and apprentices will learn new ways to use the Magic Circle themselves and with clients, including some archival exercises they may not have discovered yet.

Suitable for all levels, but you must be familiar with the Pilates mat exercises!

  • When: Wednesday August 14, 2013 5-6:30pm
  • Where: Real Pilates, 177 Duane Street, New York, NY 10013
  • Cost: $40
  • Space is limited, so register early!
  • How: Click here to register on line (If you are new to Real Pilates, use code “LLGIFT” at checkout and you will receive a gift at the front desk.)
  • Or call (212) 625-0777.

See you at the studio!


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Lynda Lippin

Lynda Lippin is an award-winning NYC-based Certified Pilates Teacher with 25 years experience, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in TRX® and Kettlebell training, and a Usui Reiki Master. Lynda's teaching style, which is described as "nurturing yet demanding," allows her clients, such as journalist Natalie Livingstone and designer Donna Karan, to overcome basic issues of poor posture, poor alignment, stiffness, injury, and back or neck pain. Lynda Lippin's clients end up stronger, taller, more flexible, and thinner with many fewer aches and pains.Livingstone says, "Lynda is the only personal trainer I have worked with who combines hard-core cardio, super-toning but not bulking weight circuits and expert pilates. Her results speak for themselves...."Contact Lynda Lippin to schedule a session or for more information.

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