Four Indoor Exercises to Try This Winter

Four Indoor Exercises to Try This Winter (other than Pilates)
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With winter approaching, exercise often has to take a backseat. Driving wind and howling rain might not deter erstwhile fitness enthusiasts, but those who struggle to motivate themselves often feel otherwise.

However, a healthy lifestyle isn’t really something to just pick up and put back down. Although any effort […] Continue Reading…

Shashi Socks

Shashi socks are cooling grippy socks for yoga, pilates, and even wearing with shoes.
When Shashi contacted me regarding their socks, I was not very interested. I mean, really, how many grippy socks can we have? So I agreed to look at and try some samples, which arrived within a few days.

They sent me three pair, one white with the […] Continue Reading…

Pluggz Are My New Favorite Shoes

Why Pluggz Are My New Favorite Shoes
[I received free product from Pluggz for this review. The opinions are very much my own. Links in this article are affiliate links.]

Pluggz footwear contacted me several months ago just after Juil footwear folded. I had been an ambassador for Juil*, pretty much since their founding, and the ladies at Pluggz thought that […] Continue Reading…

Why Women Should Think About Lifting Weights

Why women should think about lifting weights
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Lifting weights can often fell like a male dominated activity. We still tend to associate the weight area of a gym with the large bodybuilders who are trying to bulk up and get as muscly as possible. But what about for the average woman – should we all be hitting the […] Continue Reading…

CW Botanicals Hemp Wellness Products

CW Botanicals offers effective hemp wellness products made in Colorado.
Over 80% of American Are In Chronic Pain
I was reading a few days ago that over 80% of Americans suffer from chronic pain, mostly due to inflammation. In addition, recent news suggests that the over the counter NSAIDS such as ibuprofen actually make things worse when used for the long […] Continue Reading…

Summer Vacation In Mystic, CT

Our Summer Vacation In Mystic, CT Was Relaxing and Wonderful
Sometimes you just need to get out of town, and summer vacation is the perfect time.
Mystic, CT
Mystic, CT is a great destination from NYC. It is about 2.5 hours on the train, and about a 3 hour drive. There is plenty to do for adults and children, with great shopping, […] Continue Reading…

So You Want to Buy a Home…

Plan Early So You Can Buy A Home You Want
My parents were some of the worst financial planners ever. Seriously!

When they gave up my grandfather’s rent controlled 2 BR apartment in Washington Heights because it would be a hassle to sublet, that’s when I knew not to listen to them.
But that meant learning for myself.
At least I made my […] Continue Reading…