Perform Better with Pilates

Whatever you do, you will perform better with Pilates.
I talk to people every day about the benefits of doing Pilates.

I mean, who doesn’t want to be stronger, look better, feel better? Everyone I know loves the idea of a tighter tush, flatter abs, and leaner legs.

But those are just the obvious benefits. There are other “behind the scenes” benefits […] Continue Reading…

Pilates & Fitness Teachers – Read ONLY If You Need Clients

I have been hearing from a lot of Pilates & Fitness Teachers and they are looking for new clients.
What if… attracting the Pilates & Fitness clients you want and need was not so difficult?

What if… small changes in how you present yourself, market yourself, and teach would make BIG changes in your schedule and income?

What if… you could work […] Continue Reading…

Pros & Cons of Calorie Counting

Pros & Cons of Calorie Counting
– Advice from Top Bloggers (including me!)
ProForm, leaders in the treadmills industry, are interested in much more than just exercising when it comes to health and fitness. They believe that it takes a combination of things in order to stay fit in a world of fast foods, restaurants and unhealthy eating. Their team of […] Continue Reading…

New Year News

New Year News
Pilates appointments available, new partner discounts (Soma, Juil, Real Pilates), and bulk pricing on Pilates audios. Lots of news!

After losing both of parents and crushing my left big toe this time last year, I was happy for that year to end. And I am excited for this upcoming year to begin.

In addition to being generally fully booked […] Continue Reading…

Marketing 101 for Pilates, Fitness, Yoga Teachers – 17 Sept 2014

Marketing 101 for Pilates, Fitness, Yoga Teachers – a 3-part workshop series led by Lynda Lippin that will teach you how to increase your value in a very crowded marketplace.
Episode 1 – Teaching Out of Your Comfort Zone
Wednesday September 17, 3-4:30pm at Real Pilates, 177 Duane Street, New York, NY 10013

The pilates, fitness, and yoga markets have enjoyed unprecedented […] Continue Reading…

Review: Buddha’s Herbs Complete Multi-Vitamin

Buddha’s Herbs Multi-Vitamin is a high quality, easy to swallow supplement.
5/5 Stars – We take this every day. Highly recommended!
Over the years I have gone back and forth with supplements.

They can be uber-expensive, difficult to swallow, and I always wonder about the quality. Should I buy drugstore brands? Do I need a high-potency supplement? Are all brands the same?

I […] Continue Reading…

Review: Acoustibuds Sport Tips EPB (Ear Pod Bud)

Acoustibuds Sport Tips EPB work as well as the standard Acoustibuds – comfortable with great sound!
5/5 Stars – You Must Try Acoustibuds!
I was contacted by the PR folks at Acoustibuds recently asking if I would be willing to review the new Acoustibuds Sport Tips EPB, specifically made for the Ear Bud Pod as well as all forward facing ear […] Continue Reading…