Portable Pilates Audios

Portable Pilates Audios from Master Teacher Lynda Lippin

Take Your Pilates Workout with You Anywhere

Buy one audio for $7.77, two for $14.00, three for $18, or all four for $20. Discount will apply automatically – no code needed!

Pilates for Lower Back Pain Audio $7.77

This easy to follow MP3 will give you a SIMPLE 30 MINUTE PILATES CLASS with exercises chosen to specifically ease your back pain and strengthen your core. All you have to do is listen, follow the exercises, and do the program 2-4 times per week. That’s it!

“The sequence of exercises has all the qualities of a solid pilates principles workout–easy to follow, well-paced and above all safe. Lynda has the ability to be very specific without overwhelming the listener with anatomical jargon. She says just enough and a little bit more to get you feeling what you should be feeling.” –Anne Samoilov, Business Coach, Pilates Teacher, Los Angeles, CA

“I recommend this audio program to anyone looking to rid themselves from back pain and who does not wish to leave the comfort of their own home to do so. Lynda’s voice is soothing and her instructions are crystal clear and so easy to follow!
Change your life like I am doing~ I have been following Lynda on my iPod for about a week now and am blown away by the difference it is making!
Simply put – Do NOT spend a dime on any books or videos to ease your back pain until you listen to Lynda’s audio program!” –Scott Taylor, Editor of the Uechi-ryu Journal, Karate & Kickboxing Instructor, Alberta, Canada

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Pilates for Neck and Shoulder Pain Audio $7.77

A 30 minute easy to follow exercise program that will improve your posture, strengthen your core, and eliminate your neck and shoulder pain.

“My mother struggles with pain in her neck and back due to the requirements of her occupation as a nurse, who often has to lift obese patients. She needs to hang in a few more years until retirement, but pain often drags her down. Last week the pain in her neck was so intense that she decided to try Lynda’s Pilates for Neck/Shoulder Pain audio routine. It works! Lynda, my mom wants to thank you for making this audio available. It has been such a help to her. For anyone thinking of making the purchase, it is so worth it!” –Erin Brese Paglia, Actress, Pilates Teacher

“I recently had the opportunity to try Lynda’s Pilates program for neck and shoulders, and I was little skeptical. As a PGA Golf Professional, instructor, and competitive player, I figured that my quick pre-round stretches and practice swings were getting me ready to play. I wasn’t real sure what “Pilates” was, and what it had to do with my golf game.

2 minutes into the program, I knew that I had found something great. As I listened to Lynda’s simple instructions, I worked my way through the movements. I found a few sore spots, and a couple tight areas, but they quickly melted away as I combined the movements, relaxation, and breathing. My entire upper body had a feeling of being released and relaxed into a light and energized state.

After the program ended, (which seemed really fast!) I grabbed a club and began making some swings. I felt an unusual amount of freedom in my swing, and it felt as though the club was actually swinging faster without much effort. Some of the restrictions I have typically felt in my swing had disappeared.” –Paul Hobart, PGA Golf Professional

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Pilates with Ring and Foam Roller Audio $7.77

Now you can utilize your Pilates Ring and Roller in a challenging fun workout that will help you get the most benefit in the least amount of time.

Lynda Lippin’s Pilates Magic Circle and Foam Roller Workout Audio is a solid whole body challenge.  Throughout the session, the powerhouse is addressed no matter what body part is concentrated on, as should be in a good Pilates workout.  The upper body portion can make your lats and serratus sing as Lippin works the biceps, triceps, scaps and everything in between.  The lower half also gets its fair share of attention with side-lying leg work that balances out the leg and glute muscles evenly.

The foam roller work at the end of the workout is a “hurt so good” blend of massage, stretching and additional core strength that brings the workout to an end nicely.  It would make a great quickie stand-alone end of day session as well.  I’ve used it as a warm up for Reformer and Wunda Chair sessions too. –Kerrie Ann Frey, Pilates Teacher and Blogger

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Pilates Basics Mat Class Audio $7.77

My clients love my verbal cues and the order of the exercises. So here is a solid 40 minute Beginner/Intermediate Pilates mat class that you can do anytime and anywhere you have your computer, CD, or digital audio player. This is not the purely classical order of the Pilates mat exercises, but is one that I find works well for a mixed level class. Enjoy!

“Bottom Line: This is a solid, beginner-to-intermediate Pilates mat workout with good instruction. The workout flow is mostly there, the important cues are there, and the workout builds nicely. It’s quite handy to have a Pilates workout or two readily available on one’s phone or digital device.” –Marguerite Ogle, About.com Pilates Expert

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