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Shingles On My Sciatic Nerve

March 29, 2014 — 14 Comments
Progression of shingles. A cluster of small bu...

Progression of shingles. A cluster of small bumps (1) turns into blisters (2) that resemble chickenpox lesions. The blisters fill with pus, break open (3), crust over (4), and finally disappear. This process takes four to five weeks. A painful condition called post-herpetic neuralgia can sometimes occur. This condition is thought to be caused by damage to the nerves (5), and can last from weeks to years after the rash disappears. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have shingles on my sciadic nerve. Literally a giant pain in the ass!

I grew up at a time when every single kid got the chicken pox. Seriously, to get it over with many of my friends’ parents would specifically have them go to play dates with the infected.

Not my parents. It was too much for them to deal with.

So instead of suffering through the chicken pox at age 3 or 4, I caught it from my step-son when he was 3 and I was 27. Adult chicken pox sucks, and is much more dangerous.

In my last year at Parrot Cay, after breaking my finger and bruising my entire left side, I contracted shingles on my sciatic nerve.

At first I thought it was a virulent heat rash (normal in the Caribbean, especially when you exercise a lot), so I didn’t get to the doctor for a couple of weeks. The entire illness lasted about 6 weeks, and with acyclovir and neurontin I was lucky to not suffer from longer term nerve pain.

The chances of getting shingles twice are really low. So, of course, I now have shingles again.

I woke up around 3am with a powerful and painful itch just under my skin. By noon there was an entire patch of pox sitting on the ganglions right next to my sacrum. By last night my entire right leg hurt down to the bottom of my foot.

Why did I think that I would make it through the last year with no fallout other than dealing with the 30 extra pounds on my frame?

I will see the doctor on Monday, and cannot wait to get some pain meds and anti-virals into my system.

What a pain in my ass!

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14 responses to Shingles On My Sciatic Nerve

  1. I had the chicken pox and measles at the same time when I was a kid….so far no shingles

  2. Hi Linda how are you? I miss your anatomy class

  3. Kathleen, I hope you never get shingles. It sucks. Kadek, other than the shingles I am great! I miss you too.

  4. Yikes! So sorry Lynda! Sending you healing energy and light!

  5. Good article, Linda. I know what you mean. I had Shingles and wrote about it. See crain207.wordpress.com and look back in my articles for the writing about Shingles.

  6. Oh that sucks. I had shingles on my shoulder almost 17 years ago and it was not fun. It was really embarrassing too. I went to a doc in the box and the doctor called his whole staff in to look so they would know what it looked like.

  7. * I have not confirmed, but have heard Mayo Clinic includes Vit-D as part of treatment. Be well.

  8. Thanks Carol. I already take lots of D, but we will see what Doc says today.

  9. Update -- saw doctor and picked up prescriptions. Valtrex, Neurontin, and acyclovir cream. Looking at 2-3 weeks. I’m in pain and crabby, except to my clients.

  10. I have a friend who got it on his face and went into his eye..so thank God it is not near your face…feel better my friend. xo

  11. Awww. That sucks. I hope it goes away soon.
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